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Q.  What is 'Brighton And Hove WiFi'?

A. Brighton & Hove WiFi is public WiFi network providing convenient and affordable internet access for residents, information for visitors and free access to 'social' sites such as Brighton and Hove city council website.

We offer an alternative & easy way to get Internet access instantly without any contract, phone line, connection fee, credit check or commitment!  

Simliar to a WiFi hotspot you find in a cafe or hotel our network is a large 'WiFi Zone' which means you can use Brighton and Hove WiFi whenever you are in range of our network, at home or out and about.

You can use our service in the comfort of your own home day and night.

We provide FREE access for occasional users and paid for access for regular users.

You can use our service for free for 1 Hour per day


Q. Is the FREE access really free?

A. Yes!


Q. Really?



Q. How do I use Brighton and Hove WiFi?

A. Just connect to our WiFi Network from your Laptop, PC or smart phone, select the access you need and start surfing!

Look for 'BrightonAndHoveWiFi' in your WiFi (wireless) networks, connect, open a web page and you will be redirected to our page where you can just buy the access you need.  We also offer 1 Hour Free access per day for each user.


Q.  Why do I get a warning when connecting to 'BrightonAndHoveWiFi' saying it is an 'Unsecured Network'?  Is it safe to use?

A.  Because you do not need a password to connect to our network you will get a warning message, once you have logged in all information is encrypted and the connection becomes secure.


Q. How does Brighton and Hove WiFi work?

A.  Our network uses high power roof mounted WiFi antennas to create a large WiFi hotspot.  


Q. If I pay for access can I use it on more than one device?

A. Yes.  You can use it on your PC/Laptop/ipad, Smartphone, iphone/ipod Touch and any other WiFi enabled device.  However you can only be logged in on one device at a time.


Q. Do I need any equipment?

A. You can use our service with any WiFi (wireless) enabled device.  Most computers, laptops and smart phones are now WiFi enabled.  If your computer is not WiFi enabled you can buy a USB WiFi adapter for less than £10 from PC World, Currys, Maplins or any computer accessories shop.  We can also supply you with a repeater unit which you can connect directly to your computer via the ethernet port if you have an old computer which isn't WiFi enabled.


Q. How do I pay for access?

A. After connecting to our WiFi Hotspot you can pay with any major credit or debit card via PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account to buy access.  If you do have a PayPal account with funds you can use those funds to pay for access. 


You can also take advantage of our FREE access package without a PayPal account.


Q. Is PayPal secure?

A. Yes, Paypal is one of the largest online payment handling systems operating in over 190 countries and with over 230 million users.  Your financial details are never disclosed to the person/company you are sending funds to.


Q. Do I need to pay a connection fee or line rental?

A. No


Q. Will I need to pass a credit check?

A. No


Q. Is there any minimum contract?

A. No


Q. Are there any download limits?

A. No.  If you buy 24 hours access you will get 24 hours access no matter how much you download.


Q. How do your prices compare to alterative methods of accessing the internet?

A. We offer 30 days access with UNLIMITED downloads for just £15.  If you find a better deal please let us know!


Q.  I can see the 'BrightonAndHoveWiFi' network but have trouble connecting to it, why is this and what can I do?

A. Our network uses powerful WiFi antennas however most laptops/PCs/Smartphones only have weak WiFi adapters which means they don't have enough power to 'talk' to our network and establish a good connection.  We have a number of solutions to this problem, please give us a call on 01273 270699 or 08444 100505


Q. I can't see the 'BrightonAndHoveWiFi' network.

A. Our signal is probably there, your computer just can't see it, again we have a number of solutions, please give us a call on 01273 270699 or 08444 100505




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